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Backslash is an agency dedicated to delivering digital services. We focus on what really matters, providing value to your business. We craft experiences through technology that makes your company stand out.

About Us.

Backslash is a full-service digital agency that helps inspired individuals and brands engage consumers and communicate their brand culture. We use proven strategies to connect brands and people through the things they love — Products, services, and experiences.

We specialize in digital innovation. By taking applied market research and a great team, we've earned a reputation for doing great work across multiple categories. Our work is driven by our mission — Build brands that people love.

Our roots are grounded in entertainment, fashion, sports and digital lifestyle categories so working with our clients and connecting with their audience comes naturally. The key to our success is that we embrace collaboration and demand that our strategists, designers and project managers work closely and directly with our clients through an iterative and agile process. We believe in being accessible, transparent and honest and expect the brands we partner with to be the same.

Our Services

Web Application Development

Cater to your platform by using the most recent, up to date web technologies.

Legacy Application Re-builds

Re-build legacy code from an old/older platform.

Server Maintenance & Administration

By using and employing our server maintenance program, we ensure that your server's hardware is solid and your server's software is up to date and properly configured.

Web Application / Site Design

Stock and polished website design. Said designs are available in conjunction with our Website Application package.

Mobile Application Development

Build iOS and Android applications that act as a mobile container for your desktop website

Web Application / Site Hosting

We provide a great hosting plan. We allocate resources based on your initial specification sheet and monthly usage

Video Production

We can produce, film and edit high quality professional videos for a variety of use cases.

Brand Collateral

All basic brand collateral for all organizations - graphics, clothing and merchandise.

Brand Printing

Associated print medium's ( banners, booths, billboards )

Digital Marketing

From SEO to Social Media, we provide professional campaigns designed to grow your business.

Our Work

We partner with companies and act as an asset towards their current technical liabilities. We aim to not only take direction, but to give direction as we move forward and develop world class technology. We specialize in service development, big data analysis, and service technology. Our clients range from the private sector to the Fortune 500.

Some of the smaller brands we've worked with:,,,

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